Kate Cheng - VCE ATAR 99.55

“In VCE, I learned English, Chinese, Mathematics,Specialist Maths, chemistry and biology. I think most difficult for me during my study was sort out the ins and outs. When I studying at Foresee, the tutors are helping me for this  For Sicence related subjects, I strive to understand and understand what I have learned in class, to sort out the knowledge points after class and prepare my own review materials. During tutoring class, I will tell ifficulties to tutors which I found from my materials, the tutor will decide the lesson content according to my situation. After such an assembly line, the ins and outs are clear, and the knowledge points no longer need to be memorized, all he knowleage become logical in my brain .

When I studied English in Foresee, tutor help me a lot about composition of the idea. The article structure and grammar in a fixed format, but the ideas and contents in the text are variable. Foresee's English tutor can always provide me a lot of information. Guided me to develop a series of ideas that are conducive to in-depth research. More importantly, the opinions that the tutor and I explored are all my own opinions. I can easy to modify and use it when I was in the exam. In this way, I do not need worry that no idea to write for text response questions. During the examination, I only need to choose a best idea from my existing opinions and changes few points according exam requirement. I feel free and effiectively when study in Foresee,cause that was design for my individual needs." - Kate Cheng