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Adult English Course

Many parents ask if we have an adult English class. Because of the limitations of English, it has brought a lot of inconvenience to new immigrants in life, child education, work and business.
In order to help new immigrants improve their English listening, speaking and communication skills in the shortest time, in order to be able to solve some of the problems that are often encountered in life, they no longer feel overwhelmed or constantly ask for help. Our center has specially written “Melbourne Daily Life” to cover the most common life scenes and practical English.
In order to help parents understand and master English grammar rules, common words and language habits as quickly as possible, we have carefully designed the course content and arrangement.
The course is set up twice a week, using a three-step approach
The first step: teaching in both Chinese and English
First class per week: Select topics, taught in both Chinese and English. Bilingual teachers use Chinese to explain grammar rules, important vocabulary, and English language expression, and teach parents how to express themselves in English.
Step 2: Self-practice
After the first class, I remember the words and sentences.
Step 3: Full English teaching and scene dialogue
Second course per week: The same subject as the first class, taught in English. The scene, language and expression are exactly the same as the first lesson. The native Australian teacher practiced listening and speaking repeatedly.

Complete a topic every two weeks.

Life topic:
Social life
2. Number, date, time, semester
3. Shopping
4. Food and ordering
5. Children and school
6. Life infrastructure opening and payment
7. Transportation
8. Emergency help
9. At the bank
10. Buying a house and building a house
11. See a doctor

Just follow our instructions and requirements and keep practicing to ensure you have basic English conversation skills for 20 weeks!