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Online tutoring

What if I can’t find a suitable teacher locally?

The tutoring center is too far, and it takes a lot of time on the road. What should I do?

What should I do if I want to get more frequent help from during my studies?

VCE students want to ask questions before the SAC exam, what should I do?

Interactive Learning with our famous teachers AT HOME
Audio and video + whiteboard + notes + screen sharing interaction

Why choose online tutoring:

  • Anytime, anywhere can be a classroom, the time and place are more flexible to choose from
  • Save travelling time , you can arrange something you like
  • If the weather is not good, the inconvenience of transportation will no longer be an excuse for not learning.
  • Make full use of multimedia functions during lessons
  • Parents can attend the course wherever they are

Our commitment:

  • Provide the same excellent teachers
  • Provide quality and quantity teaching content
  • Personalized customized courses to ensure that each student can achieved success
  • Send weekly feedback to parents to help them fully understand student progress