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English Grammar Class

English reading is the best way, but English reading takes time. It takes time for children of EAL English second language to become familiar with English reading, to overcome the difficulties of reading vocabulary, and to understand the correct structure and expression of English sentences. In order to let EAL students build confidence in English writing as soon as possible, our center specially designed the “Essence Grammar Course”.
Different from other grammar courses, the grammar course of our center is written by itself.
    Starting with writing, we will explain and analyze the grammatical errors that children often encounter in writing, and teach students examples of correct English expression.
    Summarize the fixed and frequently confused fixed collocations in English, so that children can easily learn the most practical English grammar, which can be expressed smoothly, correctly and accurately.
    The boring part of the English grammar itself is discarded, the combination of rules and practicality, easy to learn and use, and applied to the knowledge can be immediately reflected in the writing.
The following are grammatical errors that students often experience in writing. However, we found that the students themselves did not realize where their sentences were wrong, and the school teachers’ writing corrections were a little bit of a circle, and there was no explanation or explanation, and no correct writing was given. Therefore, many times students get low-scoring writing scores, but they can’t start and don’t know how to improve. In addition, we also found that many EAL students’ grammar learning is a state of two empty heads. Before coming to Australia, they did not learn grammar in the domestic system. When they came to Australia, the main part of the school’s grammar learning was missed.

Tense problem
Example 1: The two thieves have been disappeared.
      Disappearance is an intransitive verb, and the passive voice cannot be used here. I have to get rid of it.

       Example 2: Some verbs that express state and feeling are generally not used in the tense, but in the general present tense.
       For example: I had been waited for four hours when he finally arrived.
       Here you should change waited to waiting because “waiting” is a verb that represents the state.

2. Subject-verb agreement
Example: No one except the two boys were late for class.
Was should be used here, because the real subject of this sentence is No one, not two boys.

3. Usage of articles
Example: She loves reading book.
A countable noun singular can’t be placed in a sentence alone, or preceded by a suffix, or turned into a plural.
It is best to become She loves reading books here.


In addition to its extremely important role in writing, grammar is also important for reading comprehension. We found that many EAL students can’t understand compound sentences and long complex sentences when reading. One of the important reasons is that they don’t know where to break sentences, which clauses are, which words or sentences are modified. So the study of English grammar has opened a crucial first step for reading and writing.