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English as Second Language

English Language (VCE English language), EAL (English as a second language)

VCE English as a second language), VCE English Language. VCE EAL as a second language exam was one of the major subjects in VCE, our center provides professional tutoring.


Students who came to Australia in middle school and can not adapt to English learning quickly. High school English learning in Australia was mainly based on English reading and writing. The novels require to read have a certain era and political background, and the words also difficult to understand.

In particular when reading Shakespeare’s novels is even more confusing for many EAL students. English writing need based on analysis of a novel or a movie. Children who come to study in middle school have limited vocabulary in English, and their English reading comprehension ability was weak. They also have many grammar and syntactic problems in writing, and it is impossible for student to correctly explain their ideas and meaning they want to express in writing.

VCE EAL program and the VCE EAL preparation course help students build up their English foundation, analyze novels in depth, explain and modify their writing in detail, and effectively improve their SAC and VCE scores.

VCE English language

The study of English language is different from English learning, mainly focused on the evolution of English language and English grammar development.

There are more and more students who choose English language as VCE subject. English language does not need to read different English novels, the lesson content relatively fixed. f you are interested in the development and research of language, or students who do not want to read different novels, they will choose English language.

The tutoring course focuses on in-depth analysis and tell students how to answer questions and write questions about the VCE English language. The VCE English language tutor in our center is a English language lecturer at the University of Melbourne and a scoring lecturer of VCE English language.