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Writing Specialist Class

Whether it is a first-language English or a second-language student in English, English writing is difficult and important, and it is the most important part of the VCE exam.

The improvement of writing is not a day’s work. Writing skills include good vocabulary, correct grammar, precise and smooth English expression, unique perspectives and ideas.


Help children improve these writing skills in our writing class, including:

  • Structures and themes of various writing styles
  • How to replace ordinary spoken words with beautiful and accurate English words
  • How to use accurate and accurate English expressions
  • How to enrich or extend simple and short sentences to compound sentences
  • How to plan to organize your own writing
  • How to apply the correct grammar
  • Create unique ideas by guiding thinking

Our teachers are good at building friendly relationships with students and providing quality courses. There are good at inducing instructional teaching. The course is full of fun and interesting knowledge, thus cultivating students’ passion and skills in writing.