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VCE Preparation

How to master the “inspiration” of knowledge. This is the link and systemicity of the knowledge points, because the school teaching is jumping, the same topics were not finished in one lesson, but divide into few sections. This will make the students have no understanding of the integration. So how to do a summary is very important for VCE students.
We talked to VCE students and their parents, need try to understand and remembered what you have learned in class. We saw some VCE students, especially some students came for tutoring when in Year 12, and the tutors found that they forgot a lot knowledge they learnt before. This most common things for those students was they can not understand the lesson from day school, and they can not finish their homework independently. Weekly tutoring will not help them fill in the knowledge of previous few years. So we hope that the students should start to prepare in middle school and do not wait until Year 12 to start preparing. If students have any problems in your current study, must find help immediately to solve the problem in time. Do not drag on to accumulate more problems, when student found out I can not understand during class that will be too late.

Learning is not a difficult thing. As long as you understand it, it is easier to find the rules and connections. Therefore, we also want to tell parents that when choosing a tutor, you must understand the difficulties and needs of your child, and choose the appropriate method to help your child. Some parents say should give more questions for student to practise, depending on whether the child has already understood the knowledge. If he do not understand it, it can not improve it even do a lots questions every day.
Practise-based tutoring is only suitable for single calculation knowledge, such as multiplication table exercises. Even like spelling, only when you master the pronunciation rules and do repeating exercises that will help to improve it. If you do not understand the pronunciation rules, just rote the words, you still will make mistakes. Some students are anxious to complete homework and exams, so they need tutor help them with their homework. They do not have any patience to wait tutor explain knowledge points and problems at all. All the time is busy with assignments and exams and student will found out they do not know anything durind exam, and cannot get a good score. Our center’s tutoring is tailored to the needs of students. Targeted tutoring are very important for VCE students. It not only addresses the problems and needs for students, but also helps them get the best scores in SAC.

Foresee Education provides the following VCE subjects tutoring:

VCE Mathematics (Maths Methods, Specialist Maths, Further Maths,), IB Mathematics
VCE English (English, English Language, EAL, English Literature)
VCE Chemistry, Biology, Physics
VCE Chinese, French, Japanese
VCE Accounting, Economics, Business Management