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Reading Club

Reading is not only the basis of writing, but also the best way to improve writing. Parents must also recognize that the better the reading habits are, the sooner they start. Reading is not only the soil for cultivating writing, but also one of the best ways to learn knowledge, know the world, understand life, and increase your knowledge.

As parents, we hope that our children can enjoy reading, enjoy, enjoy and grow in reading. In order to prevent children from growing up and not enjoying reading, the habit of reading is as early as possible. Interest is to be “tempted.” The sooner “temptation” begins, the better.

But what if parents don’t understand English?

What if I don’t have time to accompany my child?

What if there is no good way to “seduce” your child’s reading interest? Children read, just to complete the task?When a child comes from China, what if he doesn’t like to read English books?Although the child has studied, it seems that there is nothing to gain?What if a child is only willing to read a certain type of book?

Come and join our “Reading Club”. These problems can be solved.Our “Reading Club” allow children to enjoy reading through stories, cultural knowledge, vivid explanations of characters and historical backgrounds, scene design, character play and other full forms of interaction, as well as suspense and hypothesis. Experience fun and gain knowledge. Let reading become a companion every day.