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Pre-VCE Maths Methods Preparation

Pre-VCE Maths Mathods  Preparation Class is decided to prevent the students who have good maths foundation from the following issues in the final exam:

  • The speed of the question is not fast enough
  • The sub-item scores are good, but the comprehensive exam preparation is insufficient.
  • The comprehensive revision and practice start too late since some new topics have not yet been completed.


By completing the Unit 1 & 2 teaching content before entering the 11th grade, students can learn the contents of Unit 3 & 4 in the 11th grade, and earn enough time for students to check and fill in the 12th grade, and learn in the most targeted way so that they can plan.

Do a lot of comprehensive exercises and mock exams to ensure students’ knowledge and proficiency in knowledge, to ensure the speed and accuracy of the questions. The target is barely divided by 40 points or more.

Students who are suitable for this class:

Year 9 & 10 student in 2019 with strong mathematical foundation, good calculation skills and comprehension skills.

or  Year 11 students in 2019 VCE middle class preparatory course outline. system learns the number of Unit 1 & 2 contents in VCE.

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